You have to eat- to lose weight! Tips from my own experience



Quote of the day: “You should treat exercise as your job! It requires commitment, regulartiy and devotion. Only then you will succeed!”

First of all, apologies for not posting for a while, I am graduating from university this year and it’s been quite busy for me.

Despite the fact that I’ve been busy, I kept working out and experimenting with my body. Due to the study load during these weeks I have been eating quite irregularly, with a lot of sugar cravings and feelings of hunger in between. I also ditched my regular sleeping routine which has also impacted my body. These, of course, resulted in a slight weight gain (about 1 kg – 2.4 Ibs) in about 10 days.

Nothing can set me back and obviously I am going to drop this sugar weight, however, during this experience I have observed a very interesting pattern that I would like to share with you. I decided to name it “you have to eat – to lose weight” and there is no hidden message behind it, it’s just as obvious as it sounds.

From my own observations, I’ve concluded that irregular eating and skipping meals will definitely lead you to weight gain. During this study week I’ve had, I tended to skip my meals and tried to hang on to fruit and sugar snacks instead. I ate a light breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacked about 5 times a day.

I must say, after an entire day of this kind of nutrition I felt exhausted, tired and most importantly – I was starving. I had to take extra sugary snacks to be able to perform during my workout.

When I realized that my nutrition was rubbish and it only harmed my body, I started finding time to eat full, balanced meals instead of snacking and getting through the day with convenience foods.

I started having a full breakfast: egg, two toasts with a slice of cheese and bacon and a piece of fruit.

Lunch was something like: chicken salad with a slice of brown bread and fruit

Dinner was: some kind of fish with rice/beans or salad.

The results once again proved that eating healthy, full and balanced foods is 10 times more beneficial for your weight loss than trying to starve yourself and hang on to various snacks. I have returned to this healthy way of eating 5 days ago, and with no effort and no changes in my workouts I’ve again lost around 1 kilogram (2.4 Ibs).

I felt more energy during the day, I didn’t have to snack more than 2 times in between meals and I felt energetic enough to exercise in the evening. Moreover, the quality of my skin improved considerably. The sugary diet gave me a lot of pimples and dry skin.

Through this I wanted to show you once again the importance of eating 3 times a day and eating the healthy food: fish, meat, diary, fruits and vegetables. Snacks such as nuts, peanut butter and bananas will help you ditch your sugary cravings in a fast and efficient way.

Everyone have a great day and please share your opinion about this!


Breaking more diet myths – Lose weight faster!


ImageThere are some more common mistakes that people consider to be beneficial for their diet and weight loss, and since I haven’t managed to mention all of them in my previous article, I will have to bust a few more myths. 

The purpose of this is to make you realize that dieting and eating healthy is way more simple than it sounds, and can be quite efficient if common mistakes are avoided. Let’s start:

– A very common statement I have heard from many dieters is: “If I eat before sleeping, I will gain weight”. This is wrong simply because your body doesn’t shut down when you’re sleeping. It is a 24/7 machine that doesn’t slow its processes down even during your sleep. The reason why “late-night eaters” or “midnight-snackers” do gain weight, is because of overeating, which doesn’t have anything to do with the time when the meal was taken. Studies prove that people that have the habit of eating during late/night hours, tend to exceed the healthy amount of calories per day which therefore causes weight gain. So if you’ve just had your meal and you’re tired – relax and go for it!

All you have to do is watch your portion size! If you have a 700 calorie Pasta/Cheese meal before you go to sleep – it will tend to deposit somewhere on your body!

– Another common nonsense that I’ve heard quite often is “If I only eat healthy stuff, I can eat as much as I want of it – it’s healthy” – dear reader, don’t be fooled by this. Obviously, healthy, nutritious foods are beneficial for your health, but overeating them will also lead to weight gain. Seeds and nuts are very healthy for instance, but they contain about 600 calories per 100 grams, and if you overeat those – weight gain is guaranteed! Healthy doesn’t mean you can have tons of it! If you’re aiming at losing/maintaining your weight, you will have to discover the virtue of small and balanced portion sizes. Don’t snack too many times during the day even if those are all the healthy snacks. Don’t overeat with your healthy foods because they won’t prevent you from getting a big belly – believe me.

And, to make it short for today, I would like to finalize this with one last tip: “Don’t weigh in every day!”. Don’t do it for the sake of your mental sanity and motivation, since I have experienced it all on my skin. Your body tends to accumulate and absorb water in higher or smaller quantities throughout the month. Sometimes it absorbs less, and sometimes more (especially for the ladies during their period). If you hop on the scale on a daily basis, you are going to go bananas! Your body is able to accumulate 2.4 Ibs (1 kilogram) of water weight overnight, and I can imagine your facial expression in the morning! Don’t do it! Relax, watch your diet and your exercise and I guarantee you are going to be fine! 

Everybody have a great day and see you soon in another post!

Major mistakes to avoid when losing weight – Diet Essentials


ImageToday I am going to talk about “the forbidden”! There are a few things that might mistakenly seem like helpful for your diet, but in fact they only make things worse for you.

I have had a lot of women complaining to me that “oh I almost don’t eat anything and I’m not losing any weight”, and having heard enough of that, I want to break the most common dieting myths for good. 

Myth 1 – Skipping meals will help you lose weight! This is the most common and the most ridiculous thing to do when you’re on a diet. Besides the fact that it won’t make you lose weight, it will leave you feel hungry and irritated at all times. The worst case that this can turn into is actually weight gain, since your body is starving and desperately clinging on to calories. The best way to avoid this is obviously having 3 good meals a day, since it is not the meal itself that makes you fat – but the portion size and the content of your meal. 

If you’re having balanced, healthy and nutritious meals 3 times a day, and you’re not putting garbage in your stomach, you are more likely to lose weight!

Myth 2 – I can replace my breakfast with coffee and cut out some calories! No, no and again no. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and by skipping it, you’re leaving your body starving until the afternoon. What will actually happen should you decide to skip your breakfast – you will eat more during the rest of the day, and you are very likely to exceed your calorie limit for the day. 

To avoid this, have a healthy, filling breakfast on a regular basis. Studies show that people who tend to have a regular breakfast are less likely to exceed their calorie limits during the day. 

Myth 3 – Fat free and low carb food is the most important during diet! This is not necessarily true. Foods that are rich in healthy fats (monosaturated fats) such as nuts, avocado and fatty fish are actually good for your diet. Saturated fats (the unhealthy fats) are the ones to avoid. They are present in almost all the processed foods, such as: snacks, junk, sweets, white breads, etc. The same applies to carbs. Foods that are rich in healthy carbs are: oats, whole-grains, dairy products, etc. 

Diet doesn’t mean you have to avoid all foods that are rich in sugar, carbs and fats. It is all about knowing which kinds of foods contain healthy, nutritious fats, carbs and sugars, and I can assure you, they won’t harm your diet. Your body needs these essential nutrients to carry out a healthy living. 

Myth 4 – I can eat rubbish as long as I exercise hard! This is not exactly true. If you’re aiming at losing weight, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Eating rubbish food is not good for you from many perspectives, not only the losing weight point of view, but also for your general well-being. I bet you don’t want to have anything to do with heart diseases, high blood pressure, fat on your liver and clogged vessels. These reasons are already enough to make you quit eating rubbish food. So, for the sake of your health in the first place – stop making a waste bin out of your stomach. Exercising won’t help you lose weight if you’re not eating proper foods, and it will only bring your motivation down when you’ll see that you don’t progress. 

To avoid this, have a balanced diet and exercise. Exercise will tone your muscles, strengthen your immune system, help you lose weight, and finally, make a healthy person out of you!

If you can’t survive the temptations with all the sweets and junk in your closet – throw them away or feed them to birds. Don’t buy them if you know you will eat them. Gradually, you will stop craving for them once they are not there – out of sight, out of mind!

Goodluck everyone! 

Lose weight step by step – The ultimate weight loss guide!



Since I have received many requests on “how to lose weight fast and what should I do”, I have decided to write an explicit weight loss guide that will entail the most basic and efficient weight loss tools.

Your weight loss results will depend on the strictness with which you follow this guide and stick to your regimen. Don’t expect anything “magical” and “easy-to-do” because I don’t know anybody who has managed to lose weight just by sitting on the couch and putting no diet and exercise effort whatsoever.

Enough talking, let’s get back to business. So your goal is weight loss, and whatever the amount of kilograms (pounds) you would like to shake off, you will manage to do it with the help of some basic rules.

Remember: weight loss takes time, so don’t expect to get rid of enormous amounts of weight within an instant. Your weight loss strongly depends on your current weight, the amount of exercise you will pursue, and the strictness with which you will follow your diet. If you are overweight – you will lose more weight and faster. If you’ve already lost a lot of weight or you have a normal, healthy BMI – your weight loss will be slightly more challenging.

Rule #1 – Start exercising! If you haven’t ever been exercising before, you are likely to burn 30% more fat if you are exercising. Another benefit of exercise is building muscles. They will not only give you nice shapes, but also speed up your metabolism, thus making you lose weight faster. If you’ve never been exercising before and sport is not your habit, I recommend starting with 40-50 minutes workouts, 3 to 5 times a day. The most efficient fat-burning exercises are cardio exercises: running, jogging and biking. Don’t push too hard, too fast. Start with fast walking – slow running, and gradually increase your speed and the duration of your workout as you progress through the weeks. If you are already exercising for a while, increase the speed and the duration of your workouts.

Rule #2 – Watch your diet! As obvious as it sounds, you have to leave out a few basic foods in order to make weight loss possible. These include: junk food, fat/greasy foods, take-aways, sauces, dressings, all sorts of salty snacks, all sorts of sweet snacks. The foods that you CAN and actually should eat during a healthy diet are: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, diary products (don’t exaggerate with them), brown rice, whole-wheat bread, nuts, eggs and oats. For more recipes with healthy and low-calorie sweets, please refer to the following link on my page:

Rule # 3 – Watch your portion size! I know it sounds tough but this is what you have to do in order to lose weight. Besides the fact that your body has to receive healthy, nutritious foods, it also has to receive less of it. For a start, I recommend removing a quarter of our portion, and then bringing it down to a half of your portion. This will most likely make you feel still hungry after you’ve polished your plate – but this is what it takes. Drink a glass of green tea after your meal in order to survive the food cravings. At some point, you will be fine with eating less, and I believe most people eat more than their body actually requires – so it will do you good.

Rule # 4 – Don’t eat after 6 pm! This is yet another challenge to overcome. If you’re a fan of late-night snacks and dinners – you better forget about them! 6pm is your last chance to have something to eat, and it better be something light. A fruit salad, or a vegetable salad with 1 cup of yogurt and 1 slice of whole-wheat bread is what you can eat. In order to combat with your food cravings after 6 pm, I recommend green tea, plain yogurt and vegetables. For more healthy snacks ideas please refer to my article:

Rule # 5 – It’s all about cooking methods! In order to lose weight, you have to take good care not only of what you eat, but also how you prepare your foods. When you’re on a diet you should NOT deep fry or pan fry your food, and definitely exclude using oils, butter, sauces and fat while cooking. In return, you can oven-bake, microwave and boil your foods or eat them raw. There is no need to use excess of oils, sweeteners, sauces and dressings – get used to the natural taste of food.

Rule # 6 – Watch your drinks! I know that fizzy drinks and sodas taste good – but they are nothing but water with gas and a whole a lot of sugar (yes, even the ones that are “light” or “zero” sugar). Forget about fizzy drinks and chose water, tea or coffee instead. You can occasionally give in to fresh fruit juices, however do not exaggerate with them either since they contain quite some sugar as well.

Rule # 7 – Have a healthy daily regimen. For this you will have to remember to sleep during the night and not any other time of the day and try to adapt the “early awake early asleep” approach. Your weight loss processes take place during your sleep, especially between 12am – 6am. This is the time that should be dedicated to sleeping. Another important factor for a healthy metabolism is waking up and having breakfast early in the morning – between 7am – 9am. This will make you feel energetic during the day, and will make you feel less food cravings and hunger pangs during the day.

Rule # 8 – REGULARITY is the key! You have to understand that doing all these things for one day or one week isn’t going to get you anywhere. A healthy diet and exercise should become a habit, a lifestyle that should be rather routine than rarity. If you are decided to start, start NOW and stick to your plan! Consistency and regularity is the key to successful weight loss! What is a battle in the beginning, is a habit in the end, and it will do you only good!

I wish you best of luck and I hope this has been helpful!

A bowl of health – 300 calorie breakfast and super delicious!


ImageWe have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and since it is not a simple rumor but a fact, breakfast should start with a healthy kick of nutrients for the day! If you’re wondering what a healthy breakfast should look like – here is a perfect example.

This Orange-Apple combination with a pinch of oats will start your day with a “kick” of vitamins, fiber and minerals! And most importantly: it is absolutely delicious! I could have this for breakfast for weeks in a row, even though – variety is the most important element of a healthy diet (don’t forget)!

So how is this prepared? Very simple: it will take you about 5 minutes to prepare and about 8 minutes if you really suck at cooking. All you have to do is chop an orange and one apple into small cubes. Place them in a bowl together with 4 table-spoons of plain yogurt and 4 table-spoons of dried oats!

To spice it up you can add nuts and raisins to it – this will increase its calorie content from 300 to 400 calories (which is still quite decent for a good breakfast)! Nuts will provide your body with natural, healthy fats, while raisins will enhance the taste – whatever you prefer!

For a good finish of your healthy breakfast, wash it off with a glass of fresh orange juice or a cup of green tea! This will get your system going for the day and boost your energy levels! Make an effort for yourself and treat your body with care – it will pay off!

Sexy tips – Build your confidence and never give up!


ImageI think I’ve talked enough about diet and exercise for the past month, and I think it’s time to touch the “painful” topic – your complexes, your issues and your confidence. 

Ask any person on the street if there is anything they don’t like in their body – I am sure 99% of them will point out at least one spot that they hate. And since all of us have those imperfections, I want to give you a confidence boost and change your attitude towards yourself!

Remember: no diet and exercise on this earth will make you look good if you don’t believe in yourself! And sexy is not about the slim figure and perfect curves – it is about your attitude and the way you treat yourself! If you’re taking care of what you’re eating, you do your regular exercising – you’re on your way to success! 

Many of us tend to get too consumed by our imperfections and we’re in a constant struggle to achieve our, sometimes, unrealistic goals! Take a break, take a good look at yourself and see how far you’ve come – thank yourself for the effort you’ve made and look at the results you’ve got! This is what will boost your confidence level and motivate you to keep pursuing what you’ve started!

Don’t give up if your efforts are not showing the results you’ve been expecting. Don’t change your mind if the obstacles become harder to overcome – if you keep fighting, you’re already 10 times stronger than most of the people around you!

Being fit means treating yourself with respect! Being sexy means having that solid confidence and positive attitude towards yourself – forget about imperfections! If we’re all imperfect, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Love yourself, respect yourself and thank yourself – and you’ll always be on top 😉


How to easily change your portion size – you will not notice!


ImageToday I am going to speak about the so-called “psychological eating” – and no, its not a syndrome or an insanity diagnosis, its a simple but nevertheless common habit that is present in everyone of us. 

So what is “psychological eating” in fact? Scientists have proved that a person tends to eat with their eyes, and usually that hunger is bigger than the natural, physical hunger. To be more explicit, this means that people tend to eat as much food as they see, since it looks yummy, delicious, mouth-watering, and so and so on. By seeing all these gifts of heaven on our buffet or plate, we usually tend to ignore our real hunger, and stuff ourselves with all the things we love. Have you experienced this?

You will not believe it, but by knowing this weakness in us, and doing the right things to prevent it from taking over our minds, we can reduce our food and beverage intake with every single portion we’re having, just by following a few very useful cheat codes. Let’s see!

1. Put less food on your plate – This is rule number one if you want to eat less. People tend to polish their plate regardless to the amount of food that’s on it. It’s like we’re in a competition with ourselves to finish that God dam* meal despite the fact that we’re full already. Just by putting less food on your plate, you can already eat less without noticing it.

2. Out of sight – out of mind – This works exactly the same way as point number 1. You are full already, but you can’t avoid the temptation of eating just a little bit more of the foods that are laying around you on the table. Never place sweets, sauces or any kinds of snacks around you when you’re having your main meal. I can assure you that you will have a taste of those snacks once they’re around you, and you will less likely have them if they’re laying somewhere in your grocery closet.

3. Eat slower – As stupid as it sounds – it works. The feeling of fullness comes only about 15 to 20 minutes after you’ve started your meal. Your stomach is not reacting as fast as your mouth does, so give it some time. For some people it is quite challenging to eat slow, and I can totally understand that. However, make an effort and slow down – you will see that you’ll feel full from eating a smaller portion.

4. Use the right glass – Besides being food lovers, we also are keen at drinking lots of soda, juices or refreshing drinks. It is common knowledge that fizzy drinks and juices contain a lot of sugar, and their consumption should be diminished if not to zero, well then at least to minimum. Here is where I would like to test you. Below there are two glasses in front of you. Is the amount of liquid in both of them, equal?Image

The answer is: Of course NOT! See what happens if I pour the content of these glasses into two absolutely identical wine glasses:

ImageExactly! You see my point? The thick, fat glass, contains about 30% more liquid than the thin, tall glass! My kitchen is definitely not a NASA laboratory but the outcome of this experiment is obvious! By choosing to drink from a thin glass, you will drink, in average, 30% less than if you used the thick glass. Simple, isn’t it? 

This was it for today and I hope this will change something about your eating habits! It is easy and it works. All the temptations are there in your brain and so is your appetite sometimes. So stop thinking about food and do some jogging instead 😉

Cheers everyone!