Health benefits of breakfast and more



To be honest I myself am not a perfect healthy- breakfast eater because breakfast for me, is the time of the day when I allow myself some of the “forbidden” things to eat. Sometimes I even forget about the healthy oatmeal, eggs or bacon and I replace it with candy, pancakes and loads of honey – I confess. Has this happened to you too?

The question is, how important is it really to eat a healthy breakfast and how does it affect our body during the day? Well, as usually, I am going to share my own observations on this. For instance let’s imagine a healthy breakfast: a lot of protein (which means: eggs, low fat bacon and peanut butter for me), some complex carbs: beans or oatmeal and minimum fat. After having eaten that I’ve noticed that I have considerably more energy during the day than if I stuff myself with cookies and sugary cereal.

Another benefit of eating a healthy breakfast is more power (way more power) during your workout. I’ve noticed this by a positive change in the duration and speed during my workout (just for the record: I am a runner). As for the energy level during the day, it is undeniable that I tend to snack less and eat a smaller portion for lunch if I get a complex breakfast in the morning. 

I have also read a couple of articles with researchers saying that people that ate healthy breakfast on a regular basis, lost more weight over a longer period of time than those that didn’t. Now I personally cannot approve if that is exactly true, but I can surely say that you do have more energy during the day once you eat a proper breakfast. 

Another important aspect is of course that preparing a healthy breakfast is time-consuming, and many of us prefer spending another 15 extra minutes in our bed instead of preparing ourselves a good breakfast. Here are some quick tips and alternatives for a healthy and easy breakfast. They work for me at least:

– always keep some boiled eggs in your fridge

– always keep some sort of veggies in your fridge – any kind would do

– forget about cereal

– keep whole-grains in your drawer – bread, bagels, crackers 

– fresh fruit for breakfast can be very filling. The recommended fruit is: oranges, apples, banana, grapefruit, grapes. 

– yogurt mixed with nuts, dried-fruit or fresh fruit is a great option 

– keep low-fat bacon in your fridge. If it is smoked you don’t even need to cook it 

– smoked salmon will be a great source of protein too

– a glass of milk will complete your meal and make you feel full

Just stick to the rule that you can make a sandwich out of anything. None of the things mentioned above need preparation and long-time cooking, therefore it will take you approximately 5 minutes to make yourself a healthy and filling breakfast. This little morning effort will fuel your day and benefit your body (at least from my own observations).

And please don’t forget to hydrate yourself! Hydration is sometimes more important than food! Don’t waste time for making your tea or coffee, just pour yourself a full glass of water and there you go! 

I hope this was interesting to read, and I am looking forward for your remarks. 

P.S – Next time I would like to talk more about low-fat products. Are they really making the difference and is it really the low-fat that makes you slim down? If you’re interested, please stay with me. 😉 



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