How to easily change your portion size – you will not notice!


ImageToday I am going to speak about the so-called “psychological eating” – and no, its not a syndrome or an insanity diagnosis, its a simple but nevertheless common habit that is present in everyone of us. 

So what is “psychological eating” in fact? Scientists have proved that a person tends to eat with their eyes, and usually that hunger is bigger than the natural, physical hunger. To be more explicit, this means that people tend to eat as much food as they see, since it looks yummy, delicious, mouth-watering, and so and so on. By seeing all these gifts of heaven on our buffet or plate, we usually tend to ignore our real hunger, and stuff ourselves with all the things we love. Have you experienced this?

You will not believe it, but by knowing this weakness in us, and doing the right things to prevent it from taking over our minds, we can reduce our food and beverage intake with every single portion we’re having, just by following a few very useful cheat codes. Let’s see!

1. Put less food on your plate – This is rule number one if you want to eat less. People tend to polish their plate regardless to the amount of food that’s on it. It’s like we’re in a competition with ourselves to finish that God dam* meal despite the fact that we’re full already. Just by putting less food on your plate, you can already eat less without noticing it.

2. Out of sight – out of mind – This works exactly the same way as point number 1. You are full already, but you can’t avoid the temptation of eating just a little bit more of the foods that are laying around you on the table. Never place sweets, sauces or any kinds of snacks around you when you’re having your main meal. I can assure you that you will have a taste of those snacks once they’re around you, and you will less likely have them if they’re laying somewhere in your grocery closet.

3. Eat slower – As stupid as it sounds – it works. The feeling of fullness comes only about 15 to 20 minutes after you’ve started your meal. Your stomach is not reacting as fast as your mouth does, so give it some time. For some people it is quite challenging to eat slow, and I can totally understand that. However, make an effort and slow down – you will see that you’ll feel full from eating a smaller portion.

4. Use the right glass – Besides being food lovers, we also are keen at drinking lots of soda, juices or refreshing drinks. It is common knowledge that fizzy drinks and juices contain a lot of sugar, and their consumption should be diminished if not to zero, well then at least to minimum. Here is where I would like to test you. Below there are two glasses in front of you. Is the amount of liquid in both of them, equal?Image

The answer is: Of course NOT! See what happens if I pour the content of these glasses into two absolutely identical wine glasses:

ImageExactly! You see my point? The thick, fat glass, contains about 30% more liquid than the thin, tall glass! My kitchen is definitely not a NASA laboratory but the outcome of this experiment is obvious! By choosing to drink from a thin glass, you will drink, in average, 30% less than if you used the thick glass. Simple, isn’t it? 

This was it for today and I hope this will change something about your eating habits! It is easy and it works. All the temptations are there in your brain and so is your appetite sometimes. So stop thinking about food and do some jogging instead 😉

Cheers everyone!


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