Strawberry-Almond Delights – 35 calories per cookie! Recipe



Ah don’t they look amazing? These cookies are perfect for your diet since they don’t contain added sugars and taste absolutely delicious! Almonds do the trick with flavor, while reduced sugar strawberry jam and chocolate crumbs give them a gentle, heavenly sweet taste.

As usually they are very easy to make and won’t lay heavy on your budget. This recipe combines just a few simple ingredients which result in a healthy and tasteful snack.

Ingredient list:

– 50 grams of almonds

– 100 grams of flour

– 1 egg

– 40 grams of butter

– 2 tea-spoons of vanilla aroma

– 2 tea-spoons of liquor

– 25 grams of chocolate

– reduced-sugar strawberry jam

How to prepare: These cookies can be prepared in just a few easy steps. Crush the chocolate and almonds into small chunks. Leave just a few pieces of almond for (on top) decoration. Melt the butter and mix all ingredients together except the strawberry jam. Spread your dough in a very thin layer: about 2 millimeters.  A good trick to make those even, beautiful cookie circles is with the help of a Champagne glass. Just push the mouth of the glass into the dough until a circle is formed. Easy right? Put a half of tea-spoon of strawberry jam on one side of the cookie and cover with another cookie. You’re nearly there. Melt a bit of butter and polish the top of your cookies with a cooking tassel (brush) with it. Lay the bits of almonds on top of the cookie and place it in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees Celsius. Wait for about 17 minutes. Ready to go 🙂

Tip: If you are a sweet tooth and you can’t imagine your dessert without any added sugar, I recommend using 2 table-spoons of honey or maple syrup.

This recipe will yield a lot of cookies, so don’t worry if it sounds like little! And yes, go ahead have one, and another one, and another one!



8 thoughts on “Strawberry-Almond Delights – 35 calories per cookie! Recipe

    • Thank you for the invitation! I just checked your page, I really love it! However, I couldn’t figure out where I can post my link to my recipe.can you help me with that? thank you!

    • Almonds have this beautiful flavor that makes any dough taste delicious! I haven’t heard of the egg replacer, it sounds interesting! Thank you for compliments and I hope you try them, they are delicious!

      • There are many ways of replacing eggs like soaked flax seeds or chia seeds, banana, tofu or commercial starch mixes! I agree about almonds, for me they make even a healthy treat seem gloriously indulgent! 🙂

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