Gaining weight but yet training hard! Why is it so?


keep-calm-and-train-hard-38This is a short note for everyone who has experienced this! I have heard it from many of my fellow fitness fans that during the first 3 to 4 weeks after the introduction of their exercise regimen and dieting, they actually experienced weight gain rather than weight loss. This article is going to explain why does this happen and whether it is a significant weight gain.

In fact, this might be very true and it is likely to happen especially if working out is completely new to your body. To start off, I want to calm you down and assure you that there is nothing wrong with your exercise routine and your body is capable of losing weight.

Weight gain during your primary steps into exercising, is in fact a natural process – it is your body’s adaptation to the new regimen. Since your system is not used to exercise, your muscles are storing water because they are being subjected to unusual levels of activity. So, to be more precise, your post-exercise weight gain is nothing but “water weight” which is going to be drained out of your body naturally. This is a first reaction, a wake up call – your body is adapting and there is nothing but good in that!

This is definitely not a good reason to quit exercising and to lose your motivation – remember: KEEP CALM AND TRAIN HARD! it will come 😉


2 thoughts on “Gaining weight but yet training hard! Why is it so?

  1. That also happens because, when we start to work out we feel like we should eat more, because we are exercising now, but that is wrong. We have to control our meals and not overdo them and also lots of water and we have to stay away from junk food which is our bodies enemy 🙂 There’s always time even for a 20 minutes walk 🙂

    • very good comment indeed! I have been one-sided on this and assumed people still gain weight while keeping a diet and exercising. But it is true – you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!

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