Some killer tracks to motivate you during your workout!


ImageTruly uplifting and inspirational music – this is some good stuff! It is my own compilation of the most inspiring and motivational progressive trance music. It helps me speed up during my workouts and it definitely gives me power. I love how this music escalates and how it gains momentum over the time. The tracks start off in simple, plain beats which in 2 minutes revolve in a beautiful combination of sounds and rhythm – truly inspirational! For those of you who are fans of trance and house music, I’m sure you will love this! Beware this is a Lady Gaga free zone! Here we go:

My ABSOLUTE favorites:

Denish Sheperd & Cold Blue (ft Ana Criado) – Fallen angel

Shogun ft Emma Lock – Run to my rescue

Shogun ft Emma Lock – Imprisoned

Susana and Snatt and Vix – Blinded by the lie

Tydi ft Audrey Gallagher – You walk away

Tydi ft Audrey Gallagher – Calling

Armin van Buuren ft Ana Criado – I’ll listen (Original mix)

Armin van Buuren ft Sophie Hunter – Virtual friend

BT ft JES – The light in things (tydi remix)

Sunlounger ft Zara Taylor – Lost (club mix)

That’s it for now! Let me know if you like it and I will enlarge this list. This music makes me push my limits and it gives me strength to keep going! I can’t workout without it – it is my source of power. Try these tracks – you might discover a pure energy fountain for yourself!Image


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