Diet Pills! – waste of fat or waste of time?


ImageSince the beginning of the fitness/nutrition journey in my life, I have tried about a dozen of weight loss and exercise methods. Once I have reached my weight goal and learnt how to maintain it, I became curious about “experimenting”! Diet pills was one of those methods that I’ve never really tried since I’ve always believed that nothing can break your fat tissue besides proper eating and exercise. So I decided to try my first diet pills – just to see if it works. Since every diet pill instruction tells you that it works best when you combine it with workouts and a little bit of diet, not too much of course since diet pills are magic, I decided to give it a go!

Excited and impatient I started off with my pills. The label on the package sounded very promising – it was something like: “easy and efficient weight loss, just have this super pill and do some whatever workout and some dieting and you’ll be fine”. Well, sounds easy, right? The pills were absolutely “natural”, with an entire range of ingredients and names that I’ve never heard of but which sounded quite fancy. They were based on some extract from chilli peppers that were supposed to boost my metabolism to unbelievable speeds and nearly evaporate the food  from my stomach, thus preventing it from storing into my belly.

I took all the courage and enthusiasm! I drank those 2 times a day during my breakfast and dinner and went for a workout full of hope and anxiety. I’ve measured myself properly before I swallowed my first pill – I couldn’t allow myself to leave any lost millimeters unobserved!

To make this story short my friends – after an entire month of patience and 60 pills I had my final weigh in! And what did I encounter? Nothing besides an obvious loss of $20 that I’ve invested into them. My weight didn’t move by one gram, and I can very much assure you that I’ve thoroughly respected my diet and workout plan! Another “inconvenience” that I’ve encountered during taking those pills was the burning desire to pee all the time (about 12 times a day). My body was craving for water and I was drinking like a tank. My skin was as dry as an apricot and my hair looked more like a toilet brush. Another disadvantage of always being dehydrated is that you might experience often headaches and dizziness. Do you really need that? One of the other unpleasant side-effects I have encountered were constant sugar cravings that I couldn’t control. Maybe those pills did speed up my digestion by that only made me even more hungry after my meal. 

Was it worth it you will ask me? I would say, definitely not! Not worth your money and your precious time, let alone that disappointed image on your face when you’ll face the reality.

Each person is different in their own way and I’m sure that the side-effects will be different for everyone. If you did take those pills and pursued good exercise and diet and lost a considerable amount of weight – well, I am 99% certain that your weight loss happened due to diet and exercise rather than taking those pills – so congrats on a good food plan and hard work!

To make this article more objective I have consulted with other 3 diet pill amateurs that came to the same conclusion as I did. For all of those 3 diet fans, pills were more of a burden than help.

Look here is my advice to you: Nothing is MORE efficient that investing one hour a few times a week into some solid and undoubtedly efficient – exercise. Keep the money you’ve saved for those pills for some new trendy clothes that you are going to fit once you’ll decide to start exercising.

Once again I’ve proved to myself that there is nothing more helpful for getting your “killer body” than eating healthy and exercising! Forget about those catchy labels like “easy and quick or powerful and natural weight loss!” – there is NO other natural weight loss besides exercise and stop-chewing-all-the-time 🙂

It would be nice to start as of NOW! Summer is almost here!



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