A recipe for easy and efficient weight-loss! Baby steps into dieting


ImageStill struggling to drop some weight off? Guess what, I’ve developed another efficient and at the same time delicious recipe for weight loss. The main advantage of this type of dieting is that it doesn’t involve a lot of challenges like resistance, struggle and hunger cravings as most of the other types do. There are only a few basic things you have to avoid doing, and there is a “refreshing” touch to it. 

I decided to call this diet the “don’t eat after 5 pm diet” and the fact that you cannot eat, doesn’t mean that you cannot drink – getting the hint?  And by saying that you are actually allowed to drink, I am going to present you one of my most favorite creations: smoothies!

Having a smoothie is a perfect, healthy and low-calorie solution, especially in case you’re struggling to get through the evening without eating. For more encouragement, from my own experience the “don’t eat after 5 pm diet” was the first efficient type of diet that I ever tried. I ate normal during the day without too many food exceptions and limitations, and as soon as it was 5 pm I had my last bit of food and smoothies for the rest of the evening. That shook off the first few pounds off my body without a lot of effort. 

Since it was relatively easy for me, I thought it would be wise to tell you about this type of diet in case you find it difficult for yourself to change your food habits straight away. So let’s get to business:

The main diet principles:

– have a good breakfast early in the day

– have a small snack 2 hours after your breakfast

– have a good lunch 

– your last food intake is at 5 pm

The main foods to avoid:

The main “beauty” of this diet is that you can actually eat almost anything you like. There are no drastic portion size limitations and as long as you can stand the time after 5 pm, you are going to progress. There a few obvious kinds of foods you have to stay away from:

– take aways

– really greasy foods (pizza, burgers, fries and all the other junk)

– snacks and chips

– cookies and chocolate

But I think if you’re on a diet, avoiding these kinds of foods becomes obvious. Try to stick to meats, grains, fish, veggies and fruits. 

How to handle the after- 5pm – time:


This is definitely the biggest challenge of this diet. But you can find ways to manage it quite well and I am going to provide you with some useful recipes! 

When the clock hits 5 pm you have your last meal. The main point of the diet is that your last meal has to be relatively light and low-calorie too. I usually have a sandwich and a cup of fruit salad. Another option could be a full cup of soup with a slice of brown bread or a Caesar salad without dressing.

That’s where my recipe kicks in: The Melon-Apple Smoothie!

Here is how to make it:

1. chop the melon and one medium-size apple in small cubes

2. put them in your blender together with 3 table-spoons of plain low-fat yogurt

3. pour 3 tea-spoons of any berry yogurt

4. put 2 ice-cubes into the blender

5. squeeze a half of lime or lemon into your drink

6. mix everything together and here it is: fresh and fruity!

Luckily you can do this with any type of fruits, berries and vegetables that you prefer. Smoothies will fill your stomach and make you feel full without too much calorie intake. This will be your first step into losing weight and developing healthier eating habits. It’s a relatively mild way of dieting and still efficient! 

Have you ever tried this before? Has it worked for you? Let me know 😉


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