How to make a CAN soup taste like HOMEMADE – budget-friendly solutions!


ImageHaving soup as a maincourse is beneficial for your diet in many ways. First of all, soup is a perfect choice if you want to minimize your portion and feel full afterwards. Secondly, a regular portion of soup (300 grams) as illustrated in the photo, has as little as 300 calories. Last but not least, soup contains a variety of ingredients that nurture your body with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Regardless to all these benefits, soup might become quite a time-taking procedure, and most importantly – a little “heavy” for your budget. In order to release you from this “heaviness”, I have come up with a budget-friendly solution of transforming stabilized, plain and tasteless canned soups in delicious creations.

The soup of the day is the traditional Dutch Pea soup. It is a perfect diet solution since its thickness and nutritional value will replace a full meal by cutting your calorie intake down to just 300 calories per cup. Its main ingredients include: carrots, sausage, peas, leek and onion – pretty simple, right?

Since my time and budget is restricted by the challenges of adult life, I have learnt how to transform this canned soup in a delicious and finely flavored lunch. For this transformation you will need:

– a can of any pea soup

– plain yogurt

– ham or sausage

– fresh parsley and celery

– onionImage

How to prepare: Finely chop the parsley, the celery and the onion. Hit up the canned soup and stir it properly for a few minutes. Add the parsley, celery and onion and a few table-spoons of plain yogurt. While steering the soup, add spices such as: garlic, black pepper, salt, dry dill and paprika. It is not dramatic if you don’t have some of these spices in your cupboard, as long as salt and pepper is there – you will be fine. Bring the soup to boil and pour it in the plate. Garnish with chopped sausage or ham and a pinch of parsley. BON APPETIT!

Other benefits: The entire preparation takes about 15 minutes and the end result is delicious. Besides being convenient, let’s not forget about the health benefits of peas. They have a poor fat content but rich in fiber, protein and micro-nutrients. Other studies show that a small daily intake of peas might benefit the functioning of your immune system and slow-down your aging process. Another benefit of peas is the blood sugar regulation which keeps you away from sugar cravings for longer.

I hope this has been helpful 🙂


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