Pure Chocolate and Blackberry Muffins – healthy sugar and high protein!


ImageToday I’ve designed another low-calorie recipe, tailor-made for those of you who workout or follow a diet. Due to some cooking tricks of mine, these muffins contain 0 sugar and a load of proteins which facilitates your muscle growth during exercises.

Here is the list of ingredients:

– Skimmed milk (120 ml)

– Blackberries (300 grams)

– Olive oil (70 ml)

– Self-raising flour (200 grams)

– Black chocolate (225 grams)

– 2 eggs

– a cup of protein powder

– 15 grams of cinnamon and 2 table-spoons of rum or liquor

How to prepare:

If you’re using frozen blackberries, you have to make sure they are completely defrosted before you use them (tip: you can also replace them with blueberries if you prefer). Melt the chocolate and mix all the ingredients thoroughly (except the blackberries). Leave a few spoons of melted chocolate for the icing. There should be no flour chunks in the mix. (And don’t forget about the spice and liquor!) At the end, add the blackberries and gently mix the dough. Pre-hit your oven at 170 degrees, and pour the dough in forms. Use two table-spoons of dough for each form. (tip: don’t make the form too full, leave about 2 millimeters of space). Place the forms in the oven and wait for 15 thrilling minutes. 

When your beauties are out of the oven, spread the few spoons of melted chocolate that you’ve saved on top of them!

Note: Your muffins won’t raise too much since we didn’t use any baking powders. They will look like teeny-tiny chocolate delights full of blackberries and happiness!

Tasting profile: These muffins are sweet and sour at the same time because of the presence of blackberries. The aromas of liquor and cinnamon will give it a little extra finesse.

I find it one of the most delightful ways to consume your proteins and enjoy the chocolate. If you’re not into the fitness supplements, this is just a healthy and tasteful option for preparing muffins!


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