JUST DO IT – A dose of motivation for everyone!



One of my favorite things to do is motivate people to change themselves for the better. Some people need support and encouragement from others in order to pursue a healthy life-style and adapt habits that aren’t easy to adapt. Well here I am – to motivate you for today!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and loved the way you looked? Do you realize that the only one to blame for the way you look – is yourself. It is not about your clothing brand that doesn’t fit, your busy time schedule or your exhaust. It is about your priorities in life. Everyone chooses to prioritize certain things and set them above other things – so is drinking beers and eating pizza more important than feeling good and confident about yourself wherever you are?

Name me any type of food that tastes better than being fit feels? I guess there is none. Or does being hangover feel better than waking up with a lot of energy and good mood? Or does a bag of Chili Tacos make you feel happier than having a “beach killer body”? I don’t know, you tell me!

Exercise and diet doesn’t only give you the “killer look” that everyone is talking about. It’s not only about the “look”, its more about the way you feel about yourself. Feeling healthy and happy is way more important than feeling pretty. Ambition, energy, confidence – these are the things that come together with exercising! This attitude is contagious – it attracts other people towards you – you become more popular, people want to talk to you! You might not believe me, but exercise is quite addictive as well! Once you get to see the results of your regular training and diet – oh there is no way back for you, believe me!

And in fact, aren’t you tired of always being the one that has to stay in a dark corner at a party and barely talk to anyone. Aren’t you sick of being the “forever alone” person always seeking for some excuses and reasons for which you are alone. And finally, aren’t you just tired of always being dissatisfied with the way you look? So stop complaining – just start now!

I’m sure there is a clothing brand you love but can’t fit. I am sure you have a crush you can’t ever talk to. Change this now! NOT tomorrow, after Christmas or on Monday – start NOW!

Prove yourself that you can, because you really can! Forget about “this is not for me”, or my favorite: “I have a thick bone structure” – come on, you’re not a hippopotamus, you can be fit with your bones – believe me! JUST DO IT!

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