Another efficient way of losing weight – LESS exercise, MORE diet!



Hello my friends! Today is another day to talk about diets and I am going to open another secret of weight loss to you. The point is, I’m not going to tell you WHAT to eat, but HOW to eat during the day in order to make your weight loss more efficient.

For me, it was the easiest way to lose weight, even though it required some patience and some resistance at the beginning. There’s another good news I have to inform you about: It doesn’t really matter what you eat during the day, as long as its in a really small amount.

The main principle of this type of diet is:

– eat tiny portions of food about 4 to 5 times a day

– you can have whatever you prefer as long as it’s within the 250 calorie limit (besides breakfast)

– you have to eat a healthy breakfast (not more than 400 calories)

– you cannot eat after 7 pm – full-stop!

This diet is based on the belief that people gain weight NOT due to the fact that they eat fatty, greasy or sweet foods, but due to the fact that they over-eat these. So suppose you have a tiny piece of chocolate during the day and you can’t stand the temptation of enjoying a cup of chocolate pudding for lunch – well, that’s ok.

As long as your entire meal does not exceed 250 calories, you can actually eat whatever you prefer. Important note: If you decide to pursue this method of losing weight, beware that your weight loss progress is going to have a great success in case you refuse to eat fatty, greasy and sugary foods despite the fact that you’re allowed to.

My personal experience:

I found this method to be amazingly efficient, especially when I stopped having bits of sweets or greasy food during the day. Another aspect that I found interesting was that I didn’t have to engage in active exercising in order to achieve results. This method works both for fitness fans and just for those who are aiming at losing some weight without too much physical effort.

The most important aspect:

As I’ve mentioned above, the toughest thing about this diet is not eating after 7 pm – I will explain why this is so important. In order to lose weight, you have to create an energy shortage in your body. By eating small portions during the day, you are more likely to eat less than your body requires – thus creating an energy shortage. 7 pm is the borderline of your daily food intake and if you manage to keep your stomach empty until you go to bed, your body is going to be free of food for at least 12 hours (the evening + the sleeping night) – this is your weight loss culmination! Now, because you’re asleep, you are free of sensing the hunger during the night, and you are very, believe me, very likely to be hungry for breakfast – which is the way things are supposed to be!


Now let me give you some tips on how to survive the time between 7 pm and going to bed and let me assure you that it is just a matter of habit. It is not unhealthy and on the contrary – it is beneficial for your body since your stomach can rest during the night thus making you hungry in the morning. It cannot be unhealthy also due to the fact that this diet implies 4 to 5 food intakes during the day plus breakfast – this is enough energy for you, and this is far from starving. So instead of searching for excuses, take a look at some things you can do to adapt to the new regimen:

– make a vegetable smoothie (blend carrots, apple, cabbage with plain yogurt) and drink a few sips of it whenever you feel like your food cravings have amplified

– drink green tea with a tea-spoon of sugar

– eat a piece of veggie

– go for a workout or for a walk. Surprisingly, physical activity can assist you with your food cravings quite efficiently. That’s because your stomach is not working when you’re physically active, and therefore you don’t feel the hunger. When you return from a good workout, all you need is a glass of tea and a piece of fruit or vegetable – this will be enough. Besides, you can ease your struggle by going to sleep earlier. This will provide you with a good rest, efficient weight loss and a healthy craving for breakfast in the morning .

Last but not least, remember: 

One thing I want to make clear before I lure you into adapting this type of dieting: I don’t want you to stuff yourself with apples and carrots with yogurt the entire day. It has to be healthy for your body, thus you have to consume meat, fish and bread products. It’s all about the portion size and not the nature of your food. Adapt a portion size of a 5 year old child but do make sure to eat other healthy products besides just fruits and veggies. As an example, if you normally eat chicken breast with salad and a dessert for lunch, try to eat the chicken and salad first, and the dessert 2 hours later. And I would strongly advice having a few nuts or a fruit salad for a dessert instead of a greasy chocolate muffin – you chose.

I hope this has been informative and I wish you luck in all your beginnings! CHEERS!


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