First steps into exercising and fitness! How to



This post will explain how you can efficiently manage your exercise routine and see results only by giving 30 min of your daily time. In fact, many people believe that exercising is a difficult, time-taking process that requires special nutrition and a lot of effort in order to achieve results. In fact, this is only the case if you’re aiming at becoming a professional body-builder. If your goal is to build some muscles, get better shapes and lose some weight, 30 minutes a day would be a good start.

I started working out for 30 minutes 5 to 6 times a week, and I have observed clear results already after the first month. My stomach was more shaped, my weight went down and I felt like I could exercise longer. Obviously, as you progress with your workouts, 30 min will become too few to move forwards, but for the first month 30 min workout is sufficient.

So here is what you can do in those 30 min:

– warm up for 5 min by running on the same spot and stretching into different directions

– run for 20 min (or treadmill in case of gym)

– 2 sets x 8 squats; 2 sets x 8 push-ups, 2 sets x 8 lounge

This is fairly easy. If you’re not used to exercising at all, this would be a perfect start. This workout comprises cardio and body-weight exercises that will cost you some energy as well.

If you are not able to run for 20 min and this is really your first time exercising, I suggest fast walking or jogging (slow-running) instead of running.


– If you’re a beginner and exercising is difficult for you, don’t wait until your next workout. Try getting off your bus a few stations before your house andWALK home. Do the same when you’re on your way to school/work

– NO exercise is useful if it’s not supported by a healthy diet. Keep track of what you eat and don’t hope that you can out-exercise your fries and burgers.

– Whenever you exercise, keep focus on your breath. Proper breathing is the key to success in every workout. If you feel like you’re suffocating or out of breath, take a minute to recollect or slow your pace down.

– Don’t drink water during your exercise. You might feel thirsty, but it’s not as dramatic as you think. Drinking during your workout slows you down and takes your energy away. If you’re exercising for less than 60 minutes I suggest waiting until your workout is over, and then drink.

– If your weight stops dropping, you have to increase the time of your workout or go stricter on your diet. Doing both will obviously have more effect – you decide.

– You can also split your workout into two parts. Do a warm-up run in the morning for 20 minutes, and then do your workout for 30 minutes in the evening. This will undoubtedly benefit your weight loss and your progress. Your strength will recover during the day, so it will not be as hard as you imagine to exercise twice a day.

– Last but not least – CONCENTRATE ON YOURSELF! DON’T QUIT! I am absolutely aware of that desperate feeling when you’re exhausted and the last thing you want to do is workout. Believe me, if you find the strength to push yourself and go for that workout, you will feel a great sense of achievement and pleasure afterwards. Besides taking your stress away and giving you energy, workouts positively affect your self-confidence. Push yourself harder, go that extra mile – and you will feel proud of yourself!


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