RAW FOOD DIET review – weight loss and heath benefits!



Experts believe that besides being the most weight-loss efficient, it is also one of the healthiest diets you can adapt. Raw foodism is more than just about eating raw foods, and there are some main principles that you have to follow.

The main principles of Raw Foodism

This diet is based on the belief that cooking food products on high temperatures destroys their natural enzymes, fiber and vitamins, leaving your food nearly worthless in terms of nutritional value. It was scientifically proved that thermal processing truly diminishes the amount of minerals and vitamins especially concerning fruits and vegetables. Raw foodism only allows foods to be processed at a temperature not higher than 47 degrees Celsius (118 Farenheit). Moreover, this diet implies the consumption of large amounts of fruits and vegetables, which might not be easy for a beginner. Some of the other main products associated with the diet are:

  • nuts
  • dried fruits and vegetables
  • whole-grains
  • seaweed
  • beans
  • soya


You might have already thought that raw foodists probably don’t eat meat products which is true in most cases. Some of them consume raw eggs, but in their large majority raw foodists are vegans. If you are aiming at adapting to raw foodism, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop eating animal products. You may chose to consume unprocessed cheese or raw meat, however you have to assess the risks in that case.

The main foods that are forbidden by the diet are:

  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • food high in fat and refined sugar content (junk food)

Some of the main equipment used by this diet is usually a variety of blenders, juicers, slicers, peelers and grinders.

The significant health benefits of Raw Foodism:

It is undoubtedly beneficial for your health since your body receives a large amount of nutrients which are processed and assimilated naturally by the organism. There is NO healthier way for your body to receive vitamins and minerals other than from raw foods.  This diet improves the quality of your skin, strengthens your immune system and reduces the risk a considerable amount of vascular and heart diseases.

Raw Foodism and Weight Loss:


This diet has proved to be one of the most efficient ways to lose and maintain weight over a long term. In fact, it is quite obvious that the consumption of large amounts of fruits and vegetables and lack of fatty and sugary products will facilitate your weight loss. Statistical data shows that 80% of people who adapted Raw Foodism weigh less than people following other diets.

The Risks:

In fact, it all depends on you. Knowing that Raw Foodism implies under-cooking your foods, it is at your own risk to eat raw meat, raw eggs or any other foods that should normally go through thermal processing.  If you decide to refuse eating animal products, you have to make sure that you compensate the lack of proteins and fiber by eating other products allowed by the diet such as: nuts, soya beans, beans, etc. The lack of these natural components in your body can lead to immune deficiencies, exhaust, allergies, etc.

How I make use of Raw Foodism:

I must admit that completely adapting the principles of Raw Foodism is quite challenging in the first place, and might be very time consuming as well as quite expensive for your pocket. Peeling, blending, chopping as well as purchasing raw foods might be as expensive as time taking which is not very convenient nowadays. However, I must admit that this diet implies some health benefits that I cannot neglect. Therefore I decided to lower my meat and processed food consumption to as low as 3 to 4 times a week leaving more space for raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and soya products. I decided to avoid heating my vegetables or fruits, unless I I am using them for  baking once a week.

I have adapted to eating raw fruits and vegetables without adding fat dressings or sweeteners to make them more delicious. I have also rejected drinking coffee and replaced it with leafy green tea. I am still working on my sugar-free recipes for various desserts and I am sure that many foods can avoid the sugar content since they are flavored and delicious enough to be consumed without it.

I believe that adding extra sugar and fat to your food has become a cliche and people stopped appreciating the raw value and taste of the food.

I hope you liked this article and it has made you re-think your food choices. Cheers!


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