Your HEALTHY daily SUGAR dose!



Have you ever been wondering how many sweets can you eat per day without harming your weight loss? It took me about a year of observations and experiments on myself in order to figure out what is the acceptable amount of sweets I can eat a day.

So let me explain myself in more detail. I usually have my breakfast around 8 am, when I normally eat either a good portion of oatmeal or a club sandwich. I sometimes prefer this dose of sweetness instead of my afternoon snack at 11 am. Due to the fact that I am an unbearable sweet-tooth, I can hardly go 2 days without any of my beloved “treats”.

I’ve experimented with various amounts of sweets and at various times of the day and here is what I’ve figured out. If I have this amount of sweets on a daily basis, it doesn’t harm my weight loss. Another important aspect of these specific sweets is that they are healthy. Nuts contain healthy fats that keep your appetite away for a long time, and black chocolate is the best chocolate option you can have. Raisins contain a considerable amount of fats and sugars, but not as much to harm your diet especially in this minor quantity. White chocolate is not the best option you can have – I admit. White chocolate is made of cocoa butter and sugar, so if you’re not such a big lover of white chocolate (as I am), replace it with the black one.

This portion of sweets has about 200 calories, and if you take it 2 hours after your breakfast and 2 hours before your lunch – you’re gonna be fine. I don’t recommend this in the evening and of course don’t forget to exercise during the day, especially when you want to lose weight. This is also called brain food since it positively affects your concentration, accelerates your brain activity and just makes you happy.

And remember – you can eat anything as long as it comes in small portions!


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