All fitness, beauty and nutrition bloggers out here – A brave call!



As I have been surfing for hours through the endless spaces of wordpress for more inspiration – it hit me! This might be either surprisingly interesting or utterly stupid, but here is my call: I want to give all the fitness, beauty and diet fans out here a chance to spread the word!

As my inspiration escalated, I realized that my articles aren’t enough to provide people with as much detailed information as they might need in order to proceed with their diet, exercising routine or just achieve their personal goals. I have good knowledge on certain aspects of fitness, nutrition and beauty, but I’m not able to know everything – therefore I need YOUR HELP!

I decided to create an online community where each one of you could share their experiences, expertise and achievements regardless to whether it is about fitness, nutrition or beauty. Are you passionate about exercising at the gym or running and you think you’ve got some efficient workout plans? – share them! Or your biggest interest is eating healthy foods and creating delicious recipes which you are proud of? – share them too! We are here because we like to share your own achievements, receiving positive and supportive feedback and keep improving ourselves.

Therefore I have created a community where everyone can link to their wordpress articles and post about the topics they love the most. Post anything you like: photos, articles, achievements, as well as comment and share as long as its about the topics mentioned in the side-bar (there are quite a lot of them). If you’re interested, like me on my official Facebook page community:

I am alone in this at the moment, but I want to spread the word! I want to create an information platform linked to your wordpress that will inspire all of us and enrich our knowledge! If you think I am talking sense and you find this interesting, just join me 🙂

Thank you for reading this through! *Sigh* – this was tough for me!


9 thoughts on “All fitness, beauty and nutrition bloggers out here – A brave call!

    • Dear Corey, I checked your blog and your writings are beautiful! the only issue I have with them is that they aren’t about Nutrition and Fitness, which my community is about. If I post your articles on the community page – it will be off topic which is not good if you want more audience….But here is my proposal! what if you start writing motivational and philosophical articles about exercise or nutrition or both? do you have any ideas on how you can do it? of course it’s just a proposal, just let me know!

      • Corey

        Hi Galina! Thanks so much for the kindness. I just started blogging again, so I’m still in the process of discovering my voice for naked and awesome. I think that a philosophical take on exercise and nutrition could bring some really interesting material to the table though. Let me rack my mind a bit and see what I can come up with. In the meantime, I just realized I haven’t thrown my contact info up on the blog yet. You can email me at if you want to get in touch about any ideas. Thanks!

      • Allright I’ve also just started so I have a lot of ideas which I still have to put together! We’ll keep in touch and thank you so much for replying! If you have any interesting inspiration coming, please let me know! my contact info is all on my page 😉

    • Oh Im really glad to hear! and I really love your blog! I have a facebook page about Fitness and Nutrition, and my idea was to unite with a few more bloggers who post about either one of these topics and provide people with interesting articles on those matters. I love your nutrition posts and we can discuss how we will do it exactly through Facebook maybe? Add me and we’ll figure it out!

  1. I love this idea. I love people coming together and share such positive information, and encouragement. I have started a blog recently from an anthropology POV but will be focusing on health, nutrition (and other related topics), and the relationship between them and people. I am trying something from a more cultural stand point. I look forward to seeing what you all are doing!

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