The dangers behind fresh fruit juices – Diet essentials Part 5



Most people consider that fresh juices are good to consume during weight loss and are a perfect replacement for sodas and sweet drinks. The health benefits of fresh juices are undeniable – they are rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for you. We are going to leave these benefits behind during this article, since our biggest concern is – are they good for weight loss? And of course, here comes in the negative side of fresh juices which is – the high SUGAR content.

Let me give you some numbers: a regular glass (250 ml) of fresh apple juice has as much as 27 grams of sugar or (115 calories)

a regular glass (250 ml) of fresh orange juice contains 20 grams of sugar (110 calories)

When you are on a diet it is NOT recommended to consume more than 30 grams of added sugar per day, which makes a glass of juice nearly the entire sugar dose you can have per day. This is not very convenient, is it? 

Drinking 2 regular glasses of fresh fruit juice can ruin your diet for the entire day without you realizing that. Here are some more facts about fresh juices:

– when fruits are squeezed through the machine they lose about 40% of their vitamin content;

– supermarket “fresh juices” are normally filtered which means that they hardly have any vitamins and fiber. Plus some food industries add chemicals into the juice to keep it fresh, flavory and enhance the taste. Anything that has added chemicals to it cannot be considered as 100% fresh.

– if you leave your fresh juice for 2 hours, it isn’t fresh anymore. It might taste refreshing, but it has lost most of its healthy components such as vitamins and fiber. 

If you were not aware of these facts, well – surprise! It is in fact hard to believe that something that is generally believed to be super healthy may have some significant negative effects on your diet. 

If you are a fan of fresh juices and you can’t imagine your life without them, there is a way out! Here is what you can do:

drink vegetable juices. Vegetables boast a high vitamin content as well, but most significantly – they are sugar-free. 

– drink a smaller portion of fresh juice. I would say a small glass (150 ml) of fresh juice per day would be more than enough to enrich your body with sufficient vitamins. And remember: Drink your juice straight away after squeezing it!

– eat raw fruits. Raw fruits are much more beneficial for your health and for your diet, firstly because you don’t peel your fruits when you eat them raw. The fruit skin contains a large amount of vitamins as well. Moreover, a medium-size apple has about 80 calories and will most likely make you as full as a glass of fresh apple juice.

make a smoothie. Smoothie is a convenient way to “cheat” on your diet and avoid the high sugar content. Use one orange or one apple for instance, and mix it with some plain yogurt. In the end, your drink will have about 150 calories but with a considerably lower sugar content. You will still taste your beloved fruit flavor and freshness, but with less harm for your diet.  

I hope this was helpful! Having the things you love without harming your weight loss progress is the best thing to do! Learn to give in to your temptations and benefit from it at the same time 😉



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