Some HEALTHY SNACKS you can have during your diet! Diet Essentials Part 4



Snacking is something natural for every person and entirely eliminating it out of your diet would be impossible. A good snack can provide you with enough energy for another 2 hours and keep you away from having a complex meal instead.
The secret of a healthy snack lies in its nutritional value. As long it is reach in protein, healthy fats or healthy sugars and has not more than 150 calories – it may have a go. And yes, don’t forget about drinks. Drinks may be considered as snacks as well since some of them are quite good at relaxing your hungry spirits and calming those furious sugar cravings.
I am going to provide you with a good list of healthy snacks you can have during your diet, which allows some freedom of choice and some quite delicious options. Let’s begin:


Apples (1 medium-size apple has about 80 calories). Eating an apple 20-15 minutes before your meal will help you eat less during your meal. If you’re trying to incorporate smaller portion sizes into your diet, try eating an apple after your meal. The same applies to oranges, grapefruits, kiwi’s, mandarins and melon.

Berries (100 grams of strawberries have about 36 calories). It can be blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, doesn’t matter. All of them have nearly the same amount of calories, plus berries are enriched with natural sugars that won’t harm your diet and will defeat your food cravings.

Dark Chocolate (15 grams of chocolate has about 100 calories). 15 grams of chocolate is as much as 2 to 3 squares of the entire bar. Dark chocolate is the best snack when your sweet cravings are becoming unbearable. Even a small bite will make you feel much better a few moments later.

Natural Swiss Cheese (1 slice has about 80 calories). Natural cheese barely contains any carbohydrates, and is quite reach in protein. 2 slices are usually enough to take your hunger away.

Whole-grain crackers (1 piece has about 35 calories). You can make your cracker delicious by spreading some plain yogurt on top of it, or 2 tea-spoons of reduced sugar jam (about 15 calories per spoon).

Plain yogurt with fruits (about 150 calories per cup). You decide if you would like to make a smoothie out of it or just eat chopped fruits with plain yogurt – it’s fine either way. Choose a lower calorie fruit to mix it with, such as: grapefruit, melon or an apple.

Chicken bouillon with veggies (about 100 calories per cup). Easy and delicious liquid snack. The liquid will make you feel full for another hour at least. Don’t hesitate to give it some flavor with dill, parsley or chopped onions on top. You could also add a teaspoon of shredded Swiss cheese.

Eggs (1 medium size egg has about 80 calories). Eggs are rich in proteins and are considered one of the most efficient foods when it comes to avoiding hunger. I recommend hard boiled ones.

Dried fruits (the calorie content varies per fruit, check the product label). You should be careful when it comes to dried fruits. Pineapples, watermelon and banana chips are usually coated with a lot of sugar – avoid them. I would recommend a few pieces of figs, apricot, apple, plum or pear dried fruits.

Gelatin (Jelly) Desserts (about 150 calories per cup). This is another sweet option in case the sugar cravings are taking over you. The jelly has quite a few grams of carbohydrates, which is not very great, but it is a good dessert option in case you’re on a diet. Make sure it doesn’t have any whipped cream topping or any sweet syrup in it.

Vegetables (they hardly have any calories). You can easily eat veggies during the day without feeling guilty about it.

Raisin bread (1 large slice has about 88 calories). It is absolutely delicious even though it has a higher carbohydrate content. It is the healthiest sweet bread option that you can have.


Buttermilk 1 or 2% fat (about 100 calories per cup). Buttermilk is relatively rich in protein and helps your digestion. It is also quite efficient in removing the feeling of hunger.

Green tea (with 1 tea-spoon of sugar it has about 20 calories). I call green tea the elixir of life. It is an amazing relaxing drink that takes your food cravings away. A cup of tea before or after your meal will do the trick.

Coffee (with 1 tea-spoon of sugar it has about 20 calories). If you’re not addicted to caffeine it is perfectly fine to have one cup of coffee a day. Coffee is very efficient in fighting with hunger – no doubts about that.

I hope you like this and I hope this is helpful! There are quite some things to chose from here and I’m pretty sure you will find some of them delicious as well 🙂


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