FOODS you SHOULD have during your diet! Diet Essentials Part 3



Before we begin, I would like to remind you one very important detail. If you’re aiming to pursue a healthy diet, you should eat a large diversity of foods. Since you’re eating less than your usual, you have to make sure that you provide your body with enough vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. A diet doesn’t mean you’re eating cucumbers and yoghurt for 3 months in a row, but rather that you’re eating small food portions and make the healthy food choices.
Today I am going to tell you which foods you should eat in order to keep your body healthy rather than starving. I’m also going to mention my famous “One day rule” that will help you through your challenging transformation.
So, let’s start! The food products you SHOULD include into your weekly meal plan:

Fish – Fish contains omega fats which are irreplaceable for your body. One interesting fact about fish is that the fish fat doesn’t store as fat in your body. The greasy haring with onion won’t harm your diet and be beneficial for your health – so don’t be afraid of fish and other fish foods such as: shrimps, sea-food salad, octopus and so on. Beware though to not to eat them deep fried cause then the whole “healthy” thing behind it is ruined.

Meat – Meat contains large amounts of minerals, proteins and vitamins that are essential for your diet. As long as your meat is boiled, baked or grilled – it is good to go.

Oatmeal – Many people hate it, and I did too until I realized how beneficial it is for my health. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest food products in general, and it boasts a variety of healthy features. Besides keeping you full for a while, oatmeal improves your digestion system considerably. It should be an important element in your diet and if you hate it, I would strongly recommend finding a way to start liking it.

Eggs – Eggs are rich in proteins which are essential building blocks for your muscles and they keep the hunger away for a while.

Vegetables – An absolutely essential ingredient in your healthy diet. I cannot think of a vegetable that would actually be unhealthy or have high calorie content. Bake, boil, blench or eat them raw – they are good for you. Veggies are rich in minerals and a variety of vitamins that are essential for your health.

Fruits – Fruits are your desserts. They contain the healthy sugar (fructose) which takes your appetite away and ditches your sugar cravings. However, be careful with the amount of fruits you eat a day. For instance bananas have a high sugar content, so I wouldn’t recommend more than one per day. The most calorie “innocent” fruits are: watermelon, melon, grapefruit and mandarins. You can have a few fruits per day or better – a fruit salad. Give it a refreshing edge by squeezing lime over it. Healthy, delicious and won’t harm your diet.

Whole-grain brown bread – I cannot stress the importance of whole-grain bread much enough! Avoid white breads or puffed bread rolls, baguettes and the greasy ciabattas. One slice of baguette has about 79 calories – ONE SLICE! One small, nice and puffed bread roll has as much as 150 calories – that should be nearly a half of your lunch. Whole-grain brown or black bread is healthy and is digested easier by your body. Seeds, nuts or even raisins in your bread are perfectly fine and in my opinion, very delicious.

Plain yoghurt – Yoghurt is not only the perfect tool to take your hunger away, it also facilitates your digestion process. It contains bifida-bacteria that live in your digestive system and that are responsible for assimilating and digesting your food. Yoghurts that have the mark “bifida” or “bio” on them are usually the ones that contain these bacteria.

Nuts – Nuts are important because they are a great source of minerals and healthy fats. Moreover, nuts help minimizing the risk of serious diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. I wouldn’t advice eating more than 20 pieces at once though, since they are rich in calories.

Each of these products nurture your body in a different way, which in the end makes weight loss actually beneficial for your body rather than harmful.

And I little about TEMPTATIONS
We are all human beings and we obviously have our personal cravings for certain foods which usually are unhealthy. I have experienced it a million times as well, and it is impossible to always refuse to have a bite of what makes your mouth watery. You give in to the food and then you feel guilty afterwards. You’ve been working so hard all these weeks and now you’ve just had a huge Burger King meal and you feel like it goes straight into your thighs. The bad news is, that indeed – it most likely goes into your thighs.

The good news is that human’s physiology is built in such a way that the most recent fat that has been stored can easily be removed again. So even if you’ve been on a family barbeque where you have been eating like a savage animal that has been starving for 1 week straight, there is a quick fix solution for that. Instead of feeling guilty and depressed I recommend going for an intense workout and a stricter diet right the day after. Normally if you do that, your weight will most likely not be affected by the barbeque “incident”.

So in order to avoid panic attacks and emotional crisis because of such “incidents”, I created my “One day rule” which works perfectly for me. My One day rule allows me to eat some of the stuff that I really love one day a week – let it be Sunday. So whenever it is Sunday, I allow myself a little cake, a few bites of chocolate, and maybe 2 servings of Doritos chips that I love so much. Don’t go crazy during your One day, but you can allow your body to recover energy and strength after a dieting week. It is actually a healthy thing to do, since your body cannot go on lacking energy forever – you have to replenish your strength and give it a little extra in order to be able to proceed further with your diet. Don’t forget though – it is ONLY one day a week. If you stretch these energy recoveries over a few days in a row, you’re most likely going to gain weight – keep that in mind.

I hope I have informed you enough so far. If there is anything you would like to add, please do not hesitate to do so 😉


5 thoughts on “FOODS you SHOULD have during your diet! Diet Essentials Part 3

    • Exactly! thought of the same thing when I decided to post this….even though I will still post the foods that aren’t that good for a diet just because many people don’t know that they aren’t good. Thanks a lot for your opinion!

  1. You know I didn’t know that about fish fat.I love salmon and I always worried because it is a bit richer than most of the fish I eat, so thanks for that bit of information!

    • Thanks for the comment! Indeed, fish is absolutely fine to eat, and I love salmon too – especially the smoked one. 100 grams of thin-sliced smoked salmon have about 117 calories. So no worries about it – enjoy!

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