100% SUGAR-free cake recipe! Healthy and Delicious!



So today I woke up in the morning with a consuming desire to have some cake! Since I am always trying to eat healthy and follow my diet, I decided to share this amazing 100% sugar-free Carrot-Cake recipe! 

Before you say that you hate carrots and are definitely not interested in baking a cake out of them – let me assure you – IT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE CARROTS.

Carrots are rather used to give the cake a solid texture and support. So here is the recipe:

– 100 grams shredded cocos

– 200 grams flour

– 2 eggs

– 300 grams of shredded carrots

– 10 grams of cinnamon 

– 10 grams of Chinese 5 spice powder

– 10 grams of baking powder

–  100 grams of walnuts 

– 100 ml of sunflower oil

– 300 ml of milk

Preparation method: mix all ingredients properly and bake at 170 degrees for 30 minutes. When the cake is ready it should gave a golden brown crust. I recommend spreading the cake over a bigger surface in a thin layer.

The Icing: Mix sour-cream with melted white chocolate and bring to boil. When the cake has cooled down, spread the icing on top of it and let it cool down again.

The healthy features of the cake: It is a low calorie cake and won’t harm your diet. Moreover it contains walnuts which nurture your body with minerals and healthy fats. 

The tasting profile of the cake: The aromatic flavors of spice and walnuts will not make you miss out on the sugar absence. The cake has a hard and spongy texture which takes your appetite away within a few bites. The delicious chocolate icing on top will compensate the lack of sugar and will give you a healthy sweet bite. 

THIS IS MY FAVORITE CAKE! I can eat tones of it and it is absolutely delicious!

If you try to bake it, let me know how it went 😉 




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