HOW to get rid of the BELLY FAT – Facts and TIPS!




Belly fat can definitely complete the list of the most annoying things in the world – right after the people who eat with their mouth wide-open and running out of toilet paper!

Males and females all over the world are craving for a flat stomach and often encounter difficulties in achieving this goal. Here is where the bad news and good news kick in.

Bad news first:There is no magical cure against belly fat! There are no specific sets of exercises, belly dancing, foods or meditation that would potentially make you lose the fat on your belly. In fact, the physiology of your body is constructed in such a way that there is no possibility to lose fat in a specific spot only. When you’re on a diet, your body decides which spots are losing weight first, and which ones are the last to slim. Belly fat has just the same composition as any other fat on your body and isn’t any bit more stubborn than the rest. If you are already skinny and all you have left is your annoying belly – well, that’s just the particular physiology of your body that lies in your genes. It will be the last spot on your body that will get skinny and it is in fact, the common feature for many people, which is the reason why it is mistakenly considered the most difficult spot.

THE GOOD NEWS: You are ABSOLUTELY ABLE to lose the fat on your belly and lie on the beach in peace! All you have to do is eat proper foods and exercise regularly – Yes, we’re back to the beginning, I know. There are some specific tips which you can apply in order to lose your weight faster and more efficient.
One of the most important slimming tools is SWEAT. The more you sweat during your workout, the more fluids your body releases and thus your body mass goes down – simple. In order to release more sweat during your exercises, you have to pursue high intensity training in the first place. I’ve recently explained it in my article: (check it out).
Another trick you can use to sweat more, is wear more clothes. Here is the deal: you want to lose fat on your belly, so make sure you wear more clothing on your upper body. 2 t-shirts and a thick hoody will do the job! If you are wearing thicker clothing on your upper body, do NOT exaggerate with clothing on your lower body. If you dress up like it is the ice age, you will experience difficulties in breathing and flexibility – so don’t overdo! Breathing burns a lot of calories and enriches your body with energy – so it is crucial for your weight loss. The most efficient workouts that involve breathing are the cardios (running).

AND ANOTHER GOOD NEWS: Physiologically, all people have muscles in their belly. Some have them firmer and some have them covered under a good layer of french fries. This is quite encouraging since you don’t necessarily need to perform severe abs exercises in order to give your belly a good shape (except you’re aiming at having perfect abs). Once you will lose weight, your belly will get a firm shape on its own! For a better result, I do recommend pushing some abs exercises while you’re busy with your weight loss, however they don’t have to be outrageous.

As a result of proper dieting and intensive exercising – you will lose weight. As I mentioned, if you’re already skinny and your stomach is the last noticeable accumulation of fat – it will surely slim down. If you are still having quite some fat in other spots on your body, they might slim down first – it all depends on your personal physiological character. But hey! Getting rid of any fat tissue on your body and turning it into muscles is a good thing! You just have to persist until you reach your goal. It is NOT your belly that is stubborn…YOU have to be the one!

Hang on for a little while and I promise to post a detailed high intensity workout planning for you. I will also support them with proper food recipes that will be helpful!



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