Situations when you should say NO to workout



Have you ever thought of situations when a workout can actually harm you rather than do you well? Are you sure you are aware of every situation when you actually have to stay home and give your body some rest?

Of course when you have a broken bone or a severe concussion it becomes kinda obvious that you shouldn’t exercise, but I am about to inform you on some hidden threats that you might not even suspect as harmful. So let’s take a closer look at the situations when you’re strongly NOT recommended to workout and the reasons why.

Situation number 1: “You have fever (even a light one)” – It is really important that you don’t workout when you have fever. In fact, fever is a natural immune reaction of increased body temperature (above 36.5–37.5 °C (98–100 °F). It means that your body is in the alarm mode due to internal or external factors that are inducing it: for instance, you’re sick or one of your organs is not functioning well, or you’ve caught a virus. Exercising during fever means subjugating your body to consumptive stress and pressure. By exercising during fever you can harm one of your organs or the natural enzymes in your body. You can exercise when you’ve got a throat ache, but NEVER during fever!

Situation number 2:“You experience pain in your joints(especially your knees)” – If you are a runner or you do extensive sets of exercises with heavy weights in the gym, I strongly do NOT recommend training if your knees hurt. Joints are not muscles, they are highly sensitive to high pressures and can barely regenerate. Assess the extent of your pain, and if it is average or above – don’t put more pressure on them by doing exercises. You can harm your knees for the rest of your life – this is very serious in fact. The same applies to the joints on your arms. If they hurt due to high intensity exercises, do not exercise your arms the next day. In fact I would suggest waiting until your joints don’t hurt anymore. I hope I made this clear enough – be particularly cautious with your joints!

Situation number 3:“Do NOT exercise when you are hangover” – One thing my doctor always told me: “Don’t dare to exercise when you’re hangover- you’re putting your liver in danger”. Most of us might feel guilty for having a bit too much drink last night and skipping the workout routine, and try to compensate the loss by working out the next day. DON’T DO IT! When you are hangover your body is intoxicated and in fact – exhausted. Your liver is busy filtering the alcohol toxins, and exercises will make it work trice as hard. Exercising will increase the blood flow through the liver which is already busy filtering your tequila shots – which is wearing out your liver dramatically.

Take care of your life my friends and don’t mess with your health. And a few moments of silence for all the victims and their families of the Boston Marathon incident…


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