Now besides the OBVIOUS differences between fat and fit, I would like to dig deeper into your personalities, into your issues and self-esteem. I want to convince those stubborn ones of you of the benefits of being fit and of the pleasure that comes with it!

This is NOT only helpful for those of you who want to lose weight and become fit, but also for those of you who are satisfied with their weight – since having a healthy weight DOESN’T necessarily mean being FIT.

So what does being fit give you? Besides the obvious sexy look that all of you want to have – yes, those of you who won’t admit it are just liars. Let’s look deeper into the reasons why you are still giving in to those savory snacks, and always find excuses for yourself.

I want this to be a soul-to-soul talk and I want this article to change your set of mind! What are the major reasons why you feel like dieting and exercising are not for you? Well, let me give you some COMMON EXCUSES that most of the people have:

1. Why should I exercise? I won’t look like a model anyway, I haven’t got those genes! – BULLS*IT! of course you can look good, and of course you can look 10 times better than you do now. The thing is, sitting on the couch and crying about your genes won’t burn any fat tissue.

Weight loss removes those bunny cheeks on your face, thus revealing your cheek bones and giving your face a beautiful shape.

Weight loss makes your body get rid of the toxins that have accumulated during your “snack times” or “Let me eat a burger” times, and improves the quality of your skin. It gives you a natural peach blush and a clean skin (weight loss helps you get rid of your pimples).

Weight loss and exercises help getting rid of the stretch marks on your skin. It takes time, but – they do disappear! Exercises help trimming your muscles thus giving a nice shape to your butt, your legs and your stomach. While muscles get trimmed, your skin becomes tighter thus hiding your cellulite and stretch marks.

Weight loss and exercises improve food digestion – your body starts processing the foods more efficiently and therefore the quality of your hair, nails and skin improves.

Now tell me, how is it possible that all these amazing transformations won’t make you look much better than you do now? OF COURSE THEY CAN! At this moment you’re sitting and thinking that these changes probably only work for Victoria Secret models – and you’re terribly wrong.

Taking an example from myself, I have managed to lose 8kg (19.2 Ibs) and develop trimmed, beautiful muscles in just one year time. My waist got slimmer by 3 cm, my thighs got 5 cm slimmer and I dropped 3 clothing sizes. I became much more energetic during the day and can stand long working and studying hours without trouble. I also developed a habit of waking up early in the morning, something which is beneficial for your daily metabolism and is an essential part of a healthy life-style.

Another major reason for which most of you won’t commit to exercising and eating healthy:

2. I don’t have time – I’m too busy for that! Allright so this means that you don’t have time to become more confident, improve your social life and just feel comfortable in your swimming-suit on the beach!? You don’t have time for making some effort to fit those trendy clothes in the fashion shops, and you’re definitely not interested in going on a date with a handsome guy – it’s all not for you, of course. You better hang out with your belly – I know!

COME ON, doesn’t it sound ridiculous? The thing that bothers me the most, is that it’s all in your hands and you’re 100% capable of changing all this right now, but you’re still hesitating. Isn’t it a waste?

Now here are some more reasons why you should re-think your food choices and defeat your laziness:

– Studies show that if you stop eating fast foods or sweet foods for a while, your body stops craving them. I can assure you – THIS ACTUALLY WORKS (haven’t had pasta and burgers in at least half a year! I must say, I’m really over them and I never even consider them as a food choice for the day)

– Weight loss will ditch the pain in your back, knees and ankles. Do you often find yourself in pain after a long study or working day? Well guess what, it’s mostly because of your extra weight. Your muscles are weak and get exhausted to hold your body weight during the day, and that’s why they hurt. The same with your knees – your body puts too much pressure on them. The best pill against these is controlling what you put in your mouth for a while and doing some movement – works magically!

– If you keep exercising on a long and regular basis without significant breaks, your body will get used to the physical activity and will crave for more exercise. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong – after a while you will actually FEEL LIKE EXERCISING because it is the best way to remove stress and exhaust.

– A solid exercising plan will benefit your sleep! Rest is one of the most important factors in a healthy life-style. During your sleep your body will restore the muscles and burn the fat. You will develop a habit of waking up earlier and will have more energy during the day.

Now you must be a self-hater if you’re still not convinced. And please, don’t start on Monday, the 1st of January or tomorrow – START NOW! Set your goals and begin! It will be a long, difficult and painful journey but it WILL BE WORTH IT!

You can be beautiful and you can look good! Everybody can but not everybody wants – so make a difference and do yourself a favor! I am here to always help you and I am going to guide you through this!




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