Never eat and drink right after your workout! Diet Essentials Part 1



I think that 100% of people who exercise and put their soul into their workouts have the problem of food and water cravings after! This article will give you a variety of healthy and light foods and drinks that WON’T AFFECT your fat-burning process.


Before I start talking about the water cravings themselves, I have to tell you some main principles of weight loss. When you train hard – you sweat and thus your body loses large amounts of water. The more you sweat – the more body mass you lose and the greater the weight loss. Now, have you ever heard of “water weight”? This is exactly what prevents you from losing weight efficiently.

When you’re back from your workout and you gulp 3 full glasses of water at once – you’re actually ruining a half of the job you’ve done during your workout. Your body and your muscles will absorb the water immediately, and therefore the body mass you’ve lost during your workout (through sweat) will come back within an instant! This is called “water weight”. Besides ruining your fat-burning process it will impede your muscle definition and trimming.

You need to prevent yourself from drinking gallons of water after your workout and the best way you can do it is with warm, natural, green tea! Yes – SURPRISE and it works amazingly well! Let me explain this to you!

When you come back after your workout, DON’T START DRINKING IMMEDIATELY! Drinking straight away after your workout is harmful for your heart and isn’t going to remove your thirst! You haven’t been on a trip through the Sahara desert and you won’t die if you won’t drink for another 15 minutes. Relax, take a shower first and then turn your tea-pot on! Make yourself a glass of warm green tea with lemon and 1 tea-spoon of sugar!

Amazingly, I used to drink 2 to 4 glasses of cold water after my workouts and still feel thirsty after. Once I’ve started with the tea, I could barely finish my glass sometimes. The sugar from the tea will help remove your food cravings, and the tea itself will relax you, ditch your thirst and remove the exhaust – works unbelievably well!


Aaand this is a tough one! Resisting your hunger after the workout is one of the most essential principles of weight loss – your body needs to use the fat storage you’ve got, not the sandwich you just ate! So here are some foods that can remove your cravings fast and not affect your fat-burning process:

plain yogurt with chopped cucumber – easy and efficient. 100 g of plain yogurt has about 70 calories and I won’t even count the cucumber since you really have to eat a lot of it to gain weight. If you’re really hungry, chop an apple instead of cucumber (an average size apple has about 70 calories and the healthy sugar (fructose).

cabbage and white broccoli – you’re not a fan of veggies? OOH, you’re gonna have to become one! These two vegetables hardly have any calories and fill up your stomach quite well. One full bowl of chopped cabbage has about 25 calories – so do not hesitate, be my guest!

vegetable soup or chicken soup. If you’re a beginner and it is really hard for you to handle the food cravings, have a soup. Make sure the soup is not made of cream or milk. A nice bouillon with vegetables and boiled chicken should do the trick.

nuts – yes indeed, nuts have a lot of calories (about 550 per 100 grams). But you don’t need to eat a 100 grams and you HAVE to know that nuts are packed with natural fats, vitamins and minerals that are only beneficial for you. And remember: PEANUTS are NOT NUTS! They come from beans and have nothing to do with nuts. Don’t eat salty nuts either – SALT RETAINS WATER – WATER IS WEIGHT. Almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts and Greek nuts are the most healthy and yummy ones – STRONGLY RECOMMEND! (and YES, eat NOT MORE than 15 pieces – this will be enough)

chocolate – yes, surprisingly, if you’re having bad food cravings and you’re feeling exhausted, you can allow yourself a tiny piece of dark chocolate. (NOT white, NOT milk, just PURE DARK). Pure chocolate will restore your energy without affecting your calorie count dramatically and will remove the food cravings. (eat not more than 2 squares from entire bar).



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