Today I’m gonna give you a motivation boost and introduce you to THE WORLD OF EXERCISE! WELCOME 🙂

Before talking about exercises themselves, let’s convince ourselves that they are actually good for us! Let’s go:

1. Benefit: you build muscles during exercising; Fact: the more muscles your body has, the more calories it burns during the day and even during your sleep!


2. Benefit: exercise helps taking your stress and exhaust away; Fact: during exercise your body releases endorphin that gives you energy and releases the stress. The fatigue that comes after exercising isn’t the same as the normal exhaust – your body is getting used to the increased activity level and becomes stronger with every time!


3. Benefit: exercise ditches diseases; Fact: exercise helps boosting the activity of your lymphatic glands (these glands are responsible for your immune system and fighting diseases). During higher activity levels, your lymphatic glands work better and therefore prevent you from getting a flue, a running nose or a throat ache. In the long run, exercising prevents you from such diseases as: heat diseases, blood pressure diseases, muscular diseases and bone diseases. So DON’T be scared of the rainy or snowy weather outside! Your body is STRONG ENOUGH to handle it!


4. Benefit: you can eat more foods that you like; Fact: if you are exercising on a regular basis, you can allow yourself a cookie or a piece of cake once in a while, and it’s not going to affect your diet. Muscle growth requires a lot of energy from your body, so it will spend more calories on building and restoring your muscles, thus allowing you to eat more!


5. Benefit: exercise boosts your brain performance; Fact: exercises increase the level of serotonin in your brain which leads to more mental clarity and improved brain activity. It is obvious that those who exercise on a regular basis are much more productive at their work or school!


6. Benefit: exercise helps curing your depression and lack of self-confidence; Fact: Studies show that as much as 47% of depressed people who performed aerobic (respiratory) exercises during 12 weeks, improved their depression symptoms by 30%. EXERCISE MAKES YOU HAPPY!


7. Benefit: It is absolutely possible to reach weight loss, build strength and muscles only with your own body weight! (no fitness subscription required); Fact: There is a variety of exercises (stretch, squads, bends) that involve your nervous system to increase the freedom of movement and balance. The machines in the fitness club are holding the weights for you, and they don’t develop the strength of your back, arms and legs as well as your own body weight does! 


8. Benefit: There is NO need to follow an exhausting exercise routine to lose weight: BREATHING will do the work! Fact: Respiration burns a lot of calories – the more oxygen your body has to take in, the more energy it will burn – so think of aerobic exercises in the first place. Another benefit of aerobic exercises is that if your body is full of oxygen – you feel less hungry after the workout – IT WORKS!


9. Benefit: Eating spicy food 1 to 2 hrs before your workout can increase your metabolism up to 50% – your workout will become 50% more efficient. Fact: Spicy food improves your digestion and increases the temperature of your body, thus speeding up your metabolism. (take care to not to eat less than 1 hr before your workout – working out with a full stomach is not nice at all)


10. Benefit: Exercise is not only about fitness clubs and your Zumba classes! Fact: Doing your house work for 2 hours (mopping, shampooing the bathroom and scrubbing your stove can burn twice as many calories as a medium-intensity workout on the treadmill.






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