Get your motivation going!



Before we rush into diet planning and thinking of what exercises we want to do first, we need to figure out WHAT exactly do we want to achieve!

I am talking about setting some solid, realistic goals in the beginning of a long and, oh trust me – painful journey! These goals will help you move forward and have a clear focus on the end result…A goal can be anything, here are some suggestions:

– hop on the scale, see your current weight and set a goal weight. A weight you think will be the best for you, weight that you will feel comfortable with. (I will soon create an article with healthy weights for various heights)

– take your measurement string and measure your body parameters. Set how many centimeters you would like to lose in various places of your body.

– take a look in your fridge and your grocery closet. Do you see healthy food? vegetables, fruits, unprocessed foods, full grain bread, fish, meat? (I will discuss the importance of each of these foods in detail). Which foods do you think are harmful for you? Do you think you’re eating healthy?

These are the questions you should ask yourself before rushing into any exercises or diet plans. One thing you’ve got to remember: A diet is not just a 2 week starvation plan and neither it is a massacre! If it feels like it – you’re doing it WRONG! A diet is a lifestyle, it is a way to develop healthy habits and sticking to them.

Believe me I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried starving myself, stuffing myself with vegies and salad everyday, I tried exercising myself to complete exhaust, and what did I conclude in the end? I was doing it wrong.

A proper diet is a change of lifestyle, it is a turn-around of your current habits and behavior, so better think of it another time – Are you really wanting to change for good? Are you ready for it?

If the answer is yes, set some good goals for yourself and wait until I will post my new article about “First steps into a diet plan” 🙂

Stay focused .


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